Welcome to Duke BioCoRE! BioCoRE (Biosciences Collaborative for Research Engagement) is an institution-wide program designed to unify and enrich the bioscience community across the School of Medicine, the Graduate School, Trinity College, and the Pratt School of Engineering. The program is funded by an NIH Initiative for Maximizing Student Development (IMSD) award and supported by Duke University.

BioCoRE boasts a wide variety of scientific programs, including community-building activities, paid research opportunities, conference travel, symposia, and seminars that will benefit all student and faculty BioCoRE members. BioCoRE is open to all members of the Duke biosciences community, and both undergraduate and graduate scholars will be selected on a competitive basis. Duke BioCoRE program is committed to increasing every aspect of diversity within Duke’s bioscience community. Our society is increasingly enriched by the unique ideas and perspectives of individuals from different backgrounds and life experiences, and this diversity of experience results in novel ideas and theories that ultimately propel academia forward and benefit society as a whole. All students who are committed to diversity in the sciences are encouraged to apply for a slot as a BioCoRE Scholar!

Key benefits of joining Duke BioCoRE include:


  • Targeted academic & career advising
  • Academic programming
  • Extended research experiences
  • Capstone thesis support
  • Scientific conference travel
  • Scientific community engagement


  • One-month stipend in Early Start
  • Academic & career programming
  • Scientific conference travel
  • Enhanced scientific community programming
  • Synergy with individual Graduate Programs (including T32’s)


  • High quality undergraduate and graduate students in labs
  • Additional faculty-student mentor relationships
  • Community engagement activities
  • Academic enrichment activities
  • Research and profile highlighted on BioCoRE web site