Early Start

BioCoRE Graduate Scholars are paid a full stipend for the month of August prior to their first year of graduate school. Early Start kicks off with the Annual North Carolina Biosciences Collaborative Symposium (July 30-31, 2015), where the new BioCoRE Scholars are introduced to the scientific community. Scholars then engage in laboratory research, community building activities and career development activities to faciliate a smooth transition to Graduate School. BioCoRE works closely with all involved graduate programs to make sure we complement orientation and other activities of the graduate programs.

Finding a research lab for Early Start

Many departments/programs utilize rotations in the first year – in this case, you will communicate with your Director of Graduate Studies as you find a lab of interest. As a BioCoRE Graduate Scholar you will either do an extended first rotation (August through part of the fall semester) or a separate rotation only for the month of August. If you applied to enter a specific lab, you will need permission from the lab mentor to begin in August.