Undergraduate Engagement

  •  Targeted academic & personalized career advising
  •  The equivalent of 4 semesters of paid highly-mentored research experience (10 hours per week)
  •  Funded summer research experience at Duke University
  •  Travel to present research at a national undergraduate research conference
  •  Programming to support career exploration, scientific excellence and leadership development
  •  Structured mentoring between peers, graduate students, and faculty within the Duke Scientific community 
  •  Engagement within the Duke Scientific Community 

Scholar Requirements:  

  • Participation in highly-mentored laboratory experience with BioCoRE faculty affiliate
  • Presentation of research once per academic year
  • Attendance 25% of programming per academic year
  • Participation in Annual Program Director Meeting  
  • Summer Research Experience *
  • Capstone Senior thesis*
  • Participation in community events
  • Advocacy for program vision and creating a community of diversity